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Sony has a lot of work to do on this

NW-WM1AM2 2022.06.10. Rendezés elve: KevP1 (Egyesült Királyság)

Although there is an initial firmware update, which I have downloaded, oh my, has Sony got some work to do! It feels like bad beta software. Laggy. Crashes often. Processor can't seem to handle Android 11. I have tried downloading offline content on Tidal. Very slow or just crashes. No such issues with other DAPs, with the same version of Tidal. Everyone talks about the volume cap and I thought, oh, it can't be as bad as people are saying. Well it is! Full volume, using quite efficient headphones that are designed for mobile use, is really low. And I mean "really" low. I was stunned. Slightly better with earphones. All in all, a big disappointment. But Sony can improve performance with some very quick and significant firmware upgrades. They should have the resources to do this. But the volume cap (that, by the way, doesn't seem to affect Son'y's competitors)? I'm assuming that's not fixable.

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Válasz a következőtől: Sony Support Team

Hi KevP1,

Thank you for your review.
We're sorry to hear that the Walkman gets laggy and slow, and that the volume is low and capped.

If you've only updated the Walkman: https://bit.ly/3MGyTWd.
Also make sure to update ''Music Center for PC software'' in order to improve connection stability. If either is not updated to the latest version, there is a possibility that the Music Center for PC software and Walkman device will not connect properly.

We recommend checking these links about WIF and Bluetooth connections, to make sure that they're stable and not help with the lag and WIFI speed: https://bit.ly/3txWFNr & https://bit.ly/3MMe0sw.
You can also uninstall the applications and reinstall them. And if it's still the same, you can reset it and test it once more: https://bit.ly/3xK5yEX.
Furthermore, about the sound cap, we're following in compliance with European regulations, which is why the volume will be capped: https://bit.ly/3xLj6Bb.

If you need further assistance you can contact us using this link: https://bit.ly/2NwYLXL.

Sawy @Sony Support UK


Eigentlich gut, aber…

NW-WM1AM2 2022.05.25.  (Németország)

…in der EU wegen der unsinnigen Lautstärkekastration praktisch unbrauchbar. So werde ich das Teil wohl zurück schicken müssen. Wie kann man sowas überhaupt verkaufen?!

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Válasz a következőtől: Sony Support Team

Hi Jörg,

vielen Dank für dein Feedback. Wir leiten es intern weiter, damit es berücksichtigt wird.
Solltest du Probleme mit dem Gerät haben, empfehlen wir dir, uns direkt zu kontaktieren. Die Kontaktdaten findest du unter dem folgenden Link: http://bit.do/fMnKn.
(Kopiere den Link und füge ihn in ein neues Browserfenster ein)
Hadir @Sony Support DE


Great features

NW-WM1AM2 2022.05.17. Rendezés elve: Ângelo2022 (Egyesült Királyság)

So far I am very happy. The sound is absolutely amazing.

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