Érintett modell

Ez az információ a következő típusokra vonatkozik:

  • PMW-200

1.) New menu items:
     - Auto Flange Back function
     – WiFi Remote Controle function
     – Audio Reference Level setting
2.) Function ‘Steady Shot’ is selectable as an Assignable Switch item.
3.) Camera Setup data can be saved on a USB memory, as well as SxS memory.
If ‘Version Upgrade Error!!’ is displayed during the installation, it usually means a data communication error has occurred.
1.) Power OFF and ON once.
2.) The unit will initially appear to be unresponsive whilst the recovery process is running. Wait at least 2 minutes to allow the unit to recover.
3.) Follow the on-screen instructions.
If the unit does not recover after 2 minutes, restart the upgrade procedure as described in VerUpOM(E).pdf.
Auto flange back adjustment must be performed after installing this software. Refer to Auto Flange Back Adjustment Guide + Chart
for details.