Érintett modell

Ez az információ a következő típusokra vonatkozik:

  • PDW-D1
  • PDW-F1600
  • PDW-F75
  • PDW-HD1500
  • PDW-HR1
  • PDW-R1
  • PDW-U1
  • PDW-V1
  • PDW-510P
  • PDW-700
  • PDW-F800

PDZ-VX10 XDCAM Viewer is a tool that enables you to play back and check the video and audio material in MXF files. In addition to playback of proxy AV data, it supports playback of the material at its original screen quality. After a shoot you can uploadthe MXF files to your server or PC and quickly browse and quality check the material in High Definition on your desktop.

XDCAM HD422 1920×1080 23.98p is now supported.

NOTE: This s/w has been superseded by ‘XDCAM Browser V1.1’ (BPE-SS-03L8). Some minor features are not yet available in XDCAM Browser (please refer to ‘Information for XDCAM Browser v1.1.pdf’ in BPE-SS-03L8 for details).