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Color Calibrator is an application for Windows 10 to ensure proper color reproduction when shooting LED walls with the VENICE camera. 
The Color Calibrator eliminates the need for guesswork, reshoots, or complex LUTs on set or in post. 
By applying a 3D LUT generated by the Color Calibrator to your project, you can quickly calibrate the look of the LED wall and correct the background content captured by the VENICE camera to match the intended look.

Note: This software requires the Camera and Display Plugin to capture charts on a LED wall projected by the plugin.

- Take test charts captured by VENICE via X-OCN file or SDI live feed 
- Generate 3D LUT (.cube) that eliminates color shifts between LED wall and camera
- Waveform window for input image
- Compare the theoretical values, camera captured color chart and calibrated camera image using color patches and graphs

Supported operating system
- Windows 10 (64-bit)

Supported Cameras
- Digital Motion Picture Camera VENICE 2 MPC-3628 / MPC-3626 and VENICE MPC-3610

Supported SDI capture cards
- Decklink 8K Pro
- Decklink 4K Extreme
Manufactured by Blackmagic Design