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  • AXS-A512S48


Due to internal device, current and latest firmware versions are different depending on the serial number of your AXS-A512S48 card.

         S/N                |      Current Ver.      |     Latest/ This Ver.
   100001-109999  |      V2.00 or V2.01  |      V2.02
   110001-                |      V3.00                |      V3.01

Both latest version firmware specification is the same and provide same improvements.


- Change the specification of the write protect switch
   Write protect switch status is not recognized properly when being changed (from Write Protection Off -> On) while the memory card is inserted in the VENICE 2 or AXS-R7. This is fixed and AXS memory cannot be formatted or new clips being recorded anymore when switched to “Write protection ON” while memory card is in VENICE 2 / AXS-R7. In order to recognize correct status of write protect switch by the camera, re-inserting the memory card or re-booting the camera is required.
- Improve the stability of clip playback


Please use AXSM Drive Utility (https://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/axsmdrive) for updating the AXS-A512S48 firmware.

Regarding detail procedure, please refer to the help of the AXSM Drive Utility software and attached version up guide.

Before selecting the correct firmware, please check the memory card serial number of your card(s) via the AXSM Drive Utility software. Then please select the correct firmware. The latest firmware names are “100001to109999_AXSA512S48_V202.ascr” and “From110001_AXSA512S48_V301.ascr”.

   AXS memory S/N   |      Please install      
   100001-109999       |      100001to109999_AXSA512S48_V202.ascr 
   110001-                     |      From110001_AXSA512S48_V301.ascr 

If you try to install incorrect firmware version by accident, it will not succeed and will not cause any trouble. Please don’t worry about it and install the correct firmware instead.