Érintett modell

Ez az információ a következő típusokra vonatkozik:

  • BRC-H780
  • BRC-H800
  • BRC-X1000


[How to upgrade]
  The installation/upgrading procedure is described on the release note which is included in the zipped download file in this page.

[Functions added in Ver. 2.10]
- The output of tracking data (Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus / Iris information) via free-d protocol is supported.
- The pan-tilt speed setting mode for slower movement or fine control of speed is supported.
- The zoom speed setting mode for slower movement is supported.
- The output of color bar signal is supported.

[Specifications changed in Ver.2.10]
- Changed the focus to start moving at the same time pan/tilt operation starts when recalling the preset of the manual focus setting.