What is this?
BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System.
It refers to a piece of firmware which is run when powered on. Its primary functions are to identify and initiate component hardware, and to prepare the computer so that other programs can load.

What does it fix?
This update improves keyboard performance.

Manual installation instructions
1. Download EP0000601230.exe and save it to a folder onto your hard drive
2. Make sure the PC is plugged into the mains using AC adaptor
3. Save all your work and close all other running programs
4. Go to the folder where the file has been downloaded
5. Double-click EP0000601230.exe
6. Follow the on-screen instructions
7. The PC will shut down automatically when the BIOS update is completed
8. After the PC shuts down, wait for 60 seconds, then power on the PC
9. Once the PC has restarted, the installation of the BIOS Update is complete



  • EP0000601230.exe


  • 32 / 64 bit


  • 6275352 byte

Kibocsátás dátuma

  • 11-15-2016