How to use the Sony VAIO XP assistant

The XP Assistant downloads and installs all drivers needed to use your VAIO under Windows XP for you.

Please note:

- Using your VAIO with Windows XP is possible, but subject to a number of functional limitations. Features of your VAIO may be completely or partially non-functional when running Windows XP. Please review the list of limitations for your VAIO before using the XP assistant.
- Installing drivers will only be available as an option if you run the XP Assistant on the matching VAIO Series under Windows XP.
- If your VAIO is a Configure-To-Order (CTO) model, you may need to install some drivers manually.

A. Prepare the following before you start:

1. Your own Microsoft Windows XP install disc and license key or a VAIO XP recovery disc*.

*Some VAIO notebooks bundled with Windows Vista Business or Windows 7 Professional have a VAIO XP recovery disc bundled. These discs are not available for all models and are not available in all countries. If your VAIO came with a XP recovery disc, use that instead of your own purchased Windows XP install media.

2. A blank CD-R or a USB flash drive to store the XP drivers.

3. A USB floppy drive and floppy disk (in case SATA drivers are needed for your own Windows XP installation disc).

4.Printing these instructionsis recommended.

B. Download XP drivers

1. Accept the disclaimer below to start the download.

2. Once the download is complete, start the setup executable (e.g. Setup_SR.exe).

3. Review the limitations listed for the XP Downgrade of the VAIO model.

4. Check "I have read and understood these limitations" and click "Next".

5. A notice will be displayed that will show you the currently available options. If none or not all drivers were downloaded yet, the download will start after you click "Next". You will be prompted before the Assistant performs any other action.

6. After the download is complete, please follow the on-screen instructions to burn the XP drivers to a CD. Alternatively you can copy them from C:\VAIO\XP_Downgrade\ to a USB flash drive yourself.

C. Install Windows XP on your VAIO

1. Create recovery discs using VAIO Recovery Center to avoid unnecessary costs if you want to return the VAIO to it"s factory state later.

2. Back-up all data that may be contained on the VAIO"s hard disk.

3. Slide the VAIO"s Wireless switch to the "on" position.

4. Connect the VAIO to the main"s power with it"s AC-Adapter.

5. Disconnect all optional devices (such as Express Cards, USB devices, etc). Leave only the AC-Adapter connected.

6. Insert the Windows XP into the disc drive of your VAIO.

7. Shut down the VAIO and then start it again from the Windows XP disc.

8. Follow the on-screen instructions given by the Windows XP setup.

Note: Depending on the version of your XP disc, XP setup may be unable to access your VAIO"s hard disk. If you can not install, please proceed as follows:

A. Download the SATA driver from the XP download section of this website and place the driver files on a floppy disk.
B. Insert the floppy disk into a USB floppy drive and connect that to the VAIO you want to install XP on.
C. Start the XP Setup, press F6 to load a driver when Setup offers this. XP Setup will show all drivers on the floppy.

D. Install the XP drivers

1. Place the XP driver CD you just created into the CD/DVD drive of the VAIO you want to downgrade.

2. Run the XP assistant from this CD and follow the on-screen instructions.





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