BIOS Recover update installation procedure.

This BIOS recovery update is applicable If you have already updated your VAIO using the Windows XP BIOS and want now to reinstall the original operating system (Windows 2000) on your VAIO.

1. Download instructions:

  1. Prepare a new folder and name itDownload.
  2. Download theW2K RollBack Biosfile and place it in theDownloadfolder.
  3. When the download is complete, right-clickMy Computerand clickExplore. Once inWindows Explorer, click theViewmenu and clickDetails. Browse to the location of your file to check the size of it. If the driver size is the same, your download has been successfully completed, if the size is different, delete the file you have downloaded and restart the download.

1. Unzip the file BIOS update file:

  1. Browse toC:\Download.
  2. Double-click the downloadedW2K RollBack Biosfile
  3. At theUnzip to folderfield, type C:\Bios
  4. ClickUnzipand then click OK.
  5. ClickClose.

2. Create the bios update floppy

  1. Start your VAIO.
  2. Insert a blank floppy disk into the floppy disk drive of your VAIO.
  3. Browse toC:\Bios.
  4. Double-click theCRISDISK.batfile.
  5. Press any key to continue.
  6. Press ENTER to format the floppy.
  7. Add a label to the disk: TypeBios.
  8. You are asked if you wish to formatt a new floppy, type N and then press ENTER.
  9. Press any key to continue - The program copyies files to the floppy disk.
  10. Press any key to continue - The program is verifies the copied files.
  11. Press any key to continue.
  12. Remove the floppy disk from the floppy disk drive of your VAIO.
  13. Press any key to continue.

3. BIOS update instruction

Important Notice :

  • Before starting please ensure that your VAIO is connected to the external power source using the AC adapter.
  • Donotremove the power or the floppy from the FDD while the BIOS upgrade is in process.
  • Donotstop the BIOS upgrade process.

Not following any of the above, could severly damage your system.

  1. Start your VAIO with theBIOS Updatefloppy disk inserted.
  2. You are askedDo you want to update the BIOS [Y/N], typeY- The BIOS upgrade process begins.
  3. When the process is done, your VAIO shuts down.
  4. Eject the floppy - The BIOS of your VAIO has been updated.



  • RB_R0217U0.exe


  • 32 bit


  • 422 Kb

Kibocsátás dátuma

  • 81-22-2002