Installation order of Vista drivers and utilities

Important Notes:

  • We strongly recommend a clean installation of Vista. A clean installation is an installation onto an empty hard drive.
  • Please back up your personal data before doing a clean installation.

Installation order

  1. Install BIOS update*
  2. Install drivers**
  3. Install Sony Utils.dll
  4. Install Sony Shared Library
  5. Install Sony Video Shared Library, Setting Utility Series*, VAIO Event Service, VAIO Control Center, VAIO Action Setup*, VAIO Power Management*, Battery Checker*, AV Mode Button*, Appmon*, Instant Mode*, VAIO Camera Utility*, Wireless Switch Setting*
  6. Install VAIO TV Turner Library*
  7. Install VAIO Entertainment Platform*
  8. Install SonicStage
  9. Install VAIO Zone*
  10. Install VAIO Zone Remote Control Utility*
  11. Install WinDVDX*
  12. Install WinDVD*
  13. Install Click to DVD*

* Applicable only to some models.
** Some XP drivers will work in Vista. The Vista download drivers are provided only when XP drivers do not work in Vista and there are no supported Vista inbox drivers. This means that, for some devices, for e.g., Memory Stick, Motion Eye camera, VAIO Zone TV turner, etc., you might have to install the appropriate XP drivers in case you perform a clean installation of the Vista OS. XP drivers can be found on the VAIO recovery disc or on our website (see preinstalled drivers).



  • SOAVEP-00984205-UN.exe


  • 32 bit


  • 8.18 Mb

Kibocsátás dátuma

  • 81-41-2007