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USB floppy disk drive driver download and installation instructions (Windows 98 and Windows Millennium)


Please follow the instructions below carefully to avoid any problems during the download and installation process!

Download instructions:

  1. Create a new folder on your C drive to place the file downloaded from the web and name itUSBFDD.
  2. Download the USB Floppy Drivers file into theUSBFDDfolder
  3. When the download is complete, clickStart, point toPrograms, and then clickWindows Explorer.
  4. SelectDisplay, and then clickDetails. Check the size of the driver. If the size is the same as mentioned on the download page, the download was performed successfully. If the size is different, delete the file you have downloaded and proceed with the download procedure once more.
  5. In theWindows Explorerwindow, double-click the UFD_yed_43200.exe file - a dialogue box namedWinZip Self-Extractorwill appear.
  6. Make sure that theDirectory to extracttext box showsC:\USBFDDon the display. Click OK.

After downloading the driver, do the following:

  1. Close all open applications.
  2. Plug the USB floppy disk drive into your VAIO.
  3. TheAdd New Hardware wizardwill appear automatically -Flashbuster-Uwill be found. ClickNext.
  4. ClickSearch for the best driver for your device (Recommended), and then clickNext
  5. ClickSpecify a location, browse toC:\USBFDD, click OK, then clickNext.
  6. ClickNext.
  7. The file USBfdd.sys will not be found - browse toC:\USBFDDand then click OK.
  8. Continue the installation process.
  9. The USBFDD Port driver will be found - clickNext.
  10. ClickSearch for the best driver for your device (Recommended), and then clickNext.
  11. ClickSpecify a location, browse toC:\USBFDD, click OK, and then clickNext.
  12. ClickNext.
  13. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process and then restart your VAIO.



  • UFD_yed_43200.exe


  • 32 bit


  • 137 Kb

Kibocsátás dátuma

  • 13-11-2002