Firmware Update for DVD+-RW Drive (UJ-842S)

This Firmware update will fix the following:

- Improvement of media compatibility.


Do not shutdown the unit while the Firmware update procedure is in progress.
Do not stop the Firmware update procedure while in progress.
Not following any of the above, could severely damage your system !!

Is your machine equipped with a UJ-842S DVD+-RW Drive?

1. Click on the Start-button. Go to "My Computer" and click on the right mouse button.
2. Click to "Properties".
3. Select the Hardware-tab and click on "Device Manager"
4. Double click on "DVD/CD-ROM drives".
5. Find now which DVD-ROM drive you have.
6. If "Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-842S" appears in the list, please use this F/W Update.
7. If the above does not appear in the list, this patch does not apply.

Update the Matshita UJ-842S DVD+-RW Drive:

1. Download the update file to your hard drive..
2. Double click on "KMFOPD-01406100-UN"
3. Open the optical drive and make sure that there is no media inside.
4. Follow the instructions on screen to update the firmware
5. When the update is finished you can close the firmware update tool.



  • KMFOPD-01406100-UN.exe


  • 32 bit


  • 1.94 Mb

Kibocsátás dátuma

  • 79-11-2007